They prefer a club of individual specialists who each offer special added value within their niche. The major advantage of this shift is the flexible deployment of specialists with limited dependence on the marketing team. There is, however, a flip side Georgia WhatsApp Number List of the coin. It is hidden in the corner of the report. How do you align the planning and organization of a marketing team with the reporting of a club of external specialists such as a freelance marketer, a digital agency, an external content writer, a PR agency or a media agency.

A Marketing Automation Platform

After all, there is no universal reporting standard, but there is a jungle of Excels, PDFs and online dashboards that often make marketers mad. Excel reporting? No thanks Marketing teams are on the brink of deep digitization in planning and organisation. Recent research by Gartner in the United States has also shown that American marketing teams already spend almost 30 percent of their marketing budget on marketing technology. In many teams, the limits of working with. Excel sheets have therefore been amply exceeded. Not really future-oriented, therefore, for a marketing agency to still report with Excels.

Georgia WhatsApp Number List

 Automation Platform

On the contrary, marketers are eager to snap reporting to their digital tools. Marketers are therefore not only awake about the digitization within their team. But also about the way in which digitization will affect the relationship with their marketing agency. What’s the point of taking their team away from Excel if that effort is negate by their marketing agency overloading them with countless reports and schedules in Excel? How about reporting in digital tools? The MarTech landscape of digital marketing tools is becoming a massive ecosystem with thousands of players see diagram below.

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