Many times we do not want to settle for the organic traffic that content can achieve, or we need to boost its results through paid advertising. In this case, automation can also come to the rescue, as there are already tools capable of identifying the best opportunities to invest in a particular keyword or promotion channel. There are even automated tools capable of bidding and making critical ad decisions in real time and based on extensive and reliable data.

Normally the first thing with which we relate automation in digital marketing is with the universe of email marketing and with email administrators. You can also take advantage of this tool to distribute your content simply by sending personalized alerts to your contact base every time you publish a new article or content on your site. One tip: include the most interesting details of your content in the email so that more people are interested in it and click to view the full version on the site.

Use An Email Administrator

Today you can leave the creative Bolivia WhatsApp Number List of your content ideas. To an online tool that automatically analyzes which keywords. Your audience is using and which topics and formats are most in demand. Simply choose from the title suggestions and get to work with your editorial calendar. For example, gives you content suggestions based on big data and helps. You choose keywords, and Nuzzel is great. For identifying viral content trends by industry.

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

Use an automated tool to measure your results. And get recommendations. Finally, one of the most relevant advantages of automation. With regard to content for digital marketing is that it allows us to analyze. The real performance of all our content publications. And many even make specific recommendations on how we can improve them so. That they obtain better positioning or more conversions. At Xarvis, the Customer Behavior Company. We offer you an automation tool that not only allows you to predict the buying behavior. Of your customers, but also helps you create high-quality content. And workflows to achieve your business goals.

Let A Tool Make Content Suggestions

Think, for example, of the technique of a professional swimmer. Each of his movements is calculated to make. The most of the synergy of the water and his muscles. In the same way. When we properly map the Customer Journey, we can take much more effective. And precise actions, invest resources in the strategies that will give the best results, as well as optimize the return on investment in terms not only of money, but also of customer satisfaction. customer and life time value . Let’s see 4 strategic points that are essential to map the customer journey and convert your leads into active customers: 1

September 11, 2019Uploaded by Assul2Posted in Digital MarketingViewed 1755 times How to map the customer journey to convert your leads into active customers? Mapping the Customer Journey means identifying the most important points of contact with the prospect throughout the sales funnel, and understanding how they react to different types of actions and stimuli depending on their needs and expectations.



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