This depends on your organization and your marketing strategy. I can tell you that most attribution models don’t realistically represent your Google Ads results. I personally find the time decay very practical to use. In this model, you give more USA WhatsApp Number List conversion value to the clicks that take place within 7 days of the conversion than the clicks more than 7 days ago. Compare it to football. Which interaction has more value, the goalkeeper’s kick to the defenders or an actual attempt after a nicely designed attack? Where can you find the above attribution report in Google.

Conversion Attribution Models

Determine Success by Campaign Type Not all Google Ads campaigns serve the same purpose. Your branded campaigns (with company name) will yield better results than non-branded campaigns. Logical, since the branded users already know you. Keep this in mind when determining your KPIs and/or objectives. Because it is of course not about whether a particular campaign is profitable, but about the big picture. Example: a customer has 2 important KPIs: the value of the leads and completed price calculations, since not every user converts immediately.

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Attribution Models

We assess the branded campaigns and the keywords with a purchase intent on the basis of lead value. My client also invests in a campaign aimed at orienting or comparative users. We do not settle these on the basis of the lead value, but on the basis of the premium calculations completed and the percentage of supporting conversions to the realized lead value. The assist conversions are the clicks that occur before an actual request. Just look at the example below. Campaign 2 is only responsible for a few converting clicks, but a lot of supportthe clicks.

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