What do we mean by mobile commerce or m-commerce? Mcommerce was born from the use of mobile phones . It is growing at a fast pace due . Among other reasons . To the expansion and improvement of connectivity technologies and greater consumer confidence when using phones. But what are the facts that ushered in this new era of digital commerce? Based on this analysis by Hubspot . This data could help us better Philippines phone number why m-commerce has increased. 1) Google decided to make changes to its algorithm . Rewarding those companies that had a web page and penalizing those that did not yet have an optimized one. To check if your page has been penalized .

You can do so by observing these symptoms: – Organic traffic coming from Google is reduced – Your keywords or your own page may lose visibility – It may be that the page disappears from the search results – The domain disappears when you search for it by name – It is possible that the domain is Philippines phone number from the search engine 2) Disclosure of user behavior in terms of how to make your queries on Google. A large part of users who search through their mobile devices end up buying from their smartphone . So it is important that you pay special attention to the responsive adaptation of your brand for mobile devices.

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Your customers will be able to read the products you offer more easily . Better identify the descriptions of the content and view the payment method more quickly. This new form of purchase already represents 34% of all global e-commerce and is expect to continue to grow in 2017 . So it is Philippines phone number that if your website does not have a responsive version . It is time for you to adapt your website to Increase the number of online sales. These are the countries that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years in terms of mobile ecommerce sales. PERCENTAGES_2.png But not all users invest the same amount of money in the same items or interests .

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Depending on the preferences when making purchases we can divide them into different areas. As a curious fact . Women outnumber men in purchases in different areas except sports accessories . Electronics and vehicles and equipment. Below is a list of the products that are most consum Philippines phone number in online commerce: download-1.png If ecommerce continues to grow and more and more users are interest in practicing it . It is because they have perceived new advantages that traditional commerce had not previously offered them.

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It is important that we know how to identify the advantages why customers decide to choose ecommerce as a means of purchase and try to avoid the most common mistakes in ecommerce . These are some of the characteristics for which digital commerce is chosen over traditional: You can have Philippines phone number to stores that are located in remote places Possibility of offering and finding many more variety of items Much faster when communicating faster transactions A much more personalized follow-up of the transport of the product can be carried out A much more personalized purchase with respect to the client Without a doubt .

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