But you don’t need to just retweet what he posts. And it is not necessary for him to retweet only (and instantly) what the company publishes. What do you know a thousand cases of these? Facebook is not Twitter (or vice versa) It seems obvious but still 90% of companies do not know it. They have different codes . Language . Times and strategies. If you’re short on time . There are social media management tools like Iceland phone number that allow you to post to both platforms (when the message allows). Do not do it automatically because sometimes on Facebook Twitter users will be mentioned that your fans will not know who they are.

And worst. On Twitter . There will be links to Facebook without a description that Twitter users hate with all their might. Be patient This is a long-distance race. Results are not seen overnight. There are no magic recipes that guarantee success. This is a matter of: training . Listening . Seeing . Reading a lot . Trying . Making mistakes . Asking for forgiveness and trying again. Strictly in that order. Dedicate resources . Time and/or money to it . But always be Iceland phone number and pass it on to your team. Now that you know what aspects you can improve to optimize the use of your Facebook as a tool to generate leads and retain customers .

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Hurry up and start it up. Surely it has happened to all of us . Just when we had written the tweet that we wanted to publish and were about to click on the “Tweet” button . We realized that we exceeded the 140 characters allowed and that we would inevitably have to shorten what we wanted to tell. Well . Twitter brings good news. Finally . On September 19 . The changes announced by this social network in May will be applied . Which will Iceland phone number the 140 available characters to be extended and better used. If you want to improve the planning of your Social Media department .

Iceland phone number

You can download this free guide here. It will be useful to you. Here we tell you how these 2 changes will help your Social Media department with the management of this social network: Novelty 1| When replying to a Tweet . The mention will not be included in the 140 character count. In this way you will have a little more space to be able to write and answer in a more free way without having to retouch what you Iceland phone number to answer until you meet the characters. It sure saves you from wasting time making modifications to your tweets. Novelty 2| Records Attaching content in the form of photos . Gifs . Videos . Polls .

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Or Quoted Tweets won’t reduce your writing space either. Introducing visual content in each post increases the chances of generating leads for your company . Since the content is more attractive. Surely any community manager appreciates this change. If you need to catch up on how the main social Iceland phone number have evolved in recent months . You can read this post that talks about it. We are interested in knowing your opinion: Do you think that these Twitter news will improve the management of social networks? You already know that appearing in search engines on the first pages is essential to obtain visits to the web .

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