their population structure. The analysis of genetic markers in larvae collected in these two spawning areas has made it possible to take a still photo of the populations that reproduce there. The advantage of exclusively analyzing larvae is that they remain in the spawning area, unlike young and adult individuals that constantly move over long distances. The results of this work confirm that the populations of bluefin tuna that breed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are different, with a high degree of mixing or connectivity between them. “Thus, the populations of Atlantic bluefin tuna are mixed in a complex way, making it necessary to continue to study their populations from multiple approaches and intensify oceanographic campaigns in spawning areas”,

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explains Carolina Johnstone, researcher at the Italy WhatsApp Number List Oceanographic Center of Malaga (IEO, CSIC) and first author of the work. This article is part of the project “Comparative trophic ECOlogy of Larvae of Atlantic bluefinTUNa from NW-MED and GOM (ECOLATUN)” financed by the National R + D + i Plan (CTM2015-68473-R, (MINECO / FEDER), with the main objective of investigating, with a comparative approach and with different methodological approaches, how differences in feeding strategies can explain the daily variability in the growth of bluefin tuna larvae and, consequently, in their survival and recruitment. This project has allowed a better characterization of the populations of Atlantic bluefin tuna and define with greater precision the most

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suitable habitats for the survival of the larvae, which will have a positive impact on the development of predictive models of larval survival,of great relevance for fisheries management.algebraic varieties (described by zeros of polynomials) of complex three dimension. These drastic changes in the shape (topology) of complex spaces, also known as transitions and flops , can lead in the process of ‘surgery’ to complex non-algebraic spaces, where traditional methods of analysis and algebra cannot be used. Apply. From a physical point of view, surgeries are explained by the formation of black holes and their exchange with fundamental strings between two models of the theory, and the phenomenon of Mirror Symmetry. This type of symmetry relates

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