Officials in Sri Lanka’s wildlife parks have not been able to confirm an increase in breeding, but the animals are “really stress-free,” said Manoj Vidyaratne, a superintendent of Yala National Park on the island’s southeast coast. “We usually see about 400 vehicles in the park every day,” he said, “but this time there are none.” The works, in captivity, have also taken advantage of the pandemic. Last April, two giant pandas mate successfully at the Hong Kong Zoo, which was close to visitors due to coronavirus.

The Works, in Captivity Have Also

Sri Lanka, an early success story in controlling the spread of the virus, has recently Israel Phone Number experience a surge and is recording nearly 3,000 new daily infections, according to a New York Times database. The pandemic has exacerbate the economic woes of a country already struggling to recover from the 2019 terrorist attacks. Sri Lanka’s zoo, home to about 4,000 species, is among the country’s most tourist-dependent attractions. Attracting more than three million visitors a year before the pandemic. Despite the impact on revenue,  she hope the zoos would be close until the cases droppe, fearing primates could infect Covid-19 from an infecte visitor. “We don’t know what to do if that happens.

Taken Advantage of the Pandemic

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According to Ishini Wickremesinghe, Director General of the. Department of National Zoos in Sri Lanka, there have been no visitors to the zoos in recent years. She said it was particularly striking that several animals that had not been bre at local zoos gave birth. Animals actually experience less stress and relax when there are no people,” she said. Sri Lanka closed its zoos in 2020. In March, and earlier this year, visitors were briefly open and closed again as coronavirus infections escalated. Among the animals bred for the first time are the black swan. The white peacock, and the largest antelope in the Azilla.

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