With the above breakdown I want to make it clear that product innovation. Is certainly not a requirement to tap new niche markets. First of all, take a good look at what you already have to offer, and what your ‘story’ as a brand or company should be. Research Taiwan WhatsApp Number List what your competitors are doing and how you can drill down to target audience needs. From there you can discover niche opportunities and target them extensively in your content strategy. Key to Success: Understanding the Perfect New Match Both small and large businesses can find and claim niches.

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But having something unique is not enough if no one needs it. It is also very nice if you know that your intended niche market – for example due to trends, or the composition of your target group – very likely has growth potential. The crux is mainly to understand where a special characteristic or (latent) target group need is located that fits perfectly with your offer, objectives or location. Then it must be the case that other providers ‘look well over it’ for the time being. Examples of defined content marketing opportunities: A car tire dealer focuses specifically on owners of German vintage cars A clothing repair chain focuses on (the parents of) children between 2 and 12 years old A versatile food delivery service focuses on people with a gluten allergy.

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

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A grass seed producer targets golf course greenkeepers in the Randstad. A tattoo shop targets enthusiasts of highly colorful tribal tattoos A contractor targets couples. Who want an affordable sustainable dream home A beer brewer targets lovers of undervalued. Flavors (case in the US: ‘Large beerbreweries ignored burgeoning niches’) More interesting for small businesses? It seems – if I have to believe various sources – that niche marketing is more interesting for smaller companies in particular. Large established companies cannot and do not always have to deal with everything.

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