preserve it should be amber. This is why there has been so much controversy about trying to extract dinosaur genetic material – think of Jurassic Park.- contained in the DNA preserved in the blood-sucking appendages of some Cretaceous mosquitoes. ‘ How long could the genetic material be kept in the resin? In this study, the team has established a strict protocol to guarantee the correctness of the results and thus eliminate possible errors that have been the subject of scientific controversy with respect to previous studies. This methodology has made it possible to recover the DNA of ambrosia beetles – or wood borers – trapped in resin samples of Hymenaea verrucosa . These samples were extracted directly from the trees in Malagasy forest habitats in

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the framework of different expeditions that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List 2013 and 2015 to study how resin trees could originate amber deposits with an abundance of trapped insects. Despite the fragility of the genetic material, the experts were able to detect that belonging to the beetles conserved in the resin – of the genus mitosome – using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique. As David Peris explains, “this technique allowed us a lot of plasticity to cross-check and verify that, if we detected DNA in our experiments, it was from beetles preserved in the resin.” In this regard, Enrique Peñalver states that “the safety of positive this is complete, as primers (used primers ) only initiate bulk sequencing of genetic material if any specific genetic material such of beetles in the

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sample ». The study opens up new horizons in the study of the temporal evolution of DNA degradation and the maximum time during which a resin can keep the DNA of organisms from the past inside. As Delclòs points out, “the work confirms that degradation is very rapid, in a few years, and that there are containers in the fossil record that allow DNA to be conserved much more easily than resins, contrary to what was thought”. “We will have to carry out new analyzes with older and older resins – and perhaps with new techniques – in order to establish the time limit for the conservation of a molecule as labile as DNA. Thus, it is possible to affirm that the novel by Michael Crichton or the film Jurassic Park are still fictional material ”,the tired and exhausted

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