Choosing the payment method makes consumers impatient (13%) and bored (11%). During the payment itself, people are relieved (9%) and regret (12%). Payment process is not popular There’s little exciting or inspiring about filling out Argentina WhatsApp Number List data and paying for items. Certainly with the first, fun part of online shopping while searching, the checkout forms a stark contrast. The fun sorting part is over and now it’s time for the serious, administrative stuff. Consumers simply don’t like to spend money and time filling out data. Therefore, make sure that this necessary evil lasts as short as possible and ask for as little data as possible.

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For example, many webshops ask their customers to create an account before placing an order. Do this differently: make it optional and offer a gift (e.g. free delivery) as a reward for the effort if they do. Or make sure that the data of regular customers is already filled in automatically. Mobile optimization of the webshop also makes the difference in this phase: nothing is more annoying than many complicated input fields on a small screen. It takes too much time and effort that way to go through the least fun part of shopping. The delivery The tide turns at the last stage: the desire returns when receiving the confirmation (9%) and following the package via track&trace (20%). Joy is also experienced a lot when receiving the confirmation (23%) and the order (47%). In addition, shoppers are impatient (16%) and excited (13%) when following the package.

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The possible return policy People are anxiously waiting for the package. That is why clear communication is of great importance in this phase. Provide a quick confirmation email and keep customers continuously informed of the delivery. So even if it is delaye. To turn a customer into a loyal customer, a simple and clear return policy is also crucial. For example, make sure you have returnable packaging. The positive emotions during this last phase could turn into negative emotions if the product is not to your liking. With a simple return policy you keep that possible negativity to a minimum. So make sure you always know what is going on with your customer.

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