This does not only contain the annual report and interesting parts thereof (those infographics, videos, etc.). But also other interesting strategic information. The quarterly and (half) annual figures, for example. And detailed information about the Panama WhatsApp Number List various business units, bios of the members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. In addition, post online summaries (in multiple languages) of key documents. And keep the platform up to date. Such a platform is ideal for job applicants, business partners and journalists.

Appropriate Is Also Valuable

Core & More This approach also works well for companies that use the Core & More concept in their annual report: an accessible ‘Core’ report with the most relevant information and background, intended for a wide audience. And the ‘More’ report, which is much more detailed (often the original annual report and the appendices with the numbers). A tripartite division “I myself even use a three-way division”, said Nick de Ruiter, partner of Sustainalize. “Core, Bore & More.” Bore stands for the legally required parts of the annual report, such as the annual accounts.

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Is Also Valuable

More stands for ‘very targeted deepening’. One year, for example, a company explains in detail its handling of human rights. The next year it will focus on reducing CO2 emissions. The ‘complete architecture’ of reporting fits on the platform. ABN, NS & Dell Examples of organizations that have tackled such a platform well are, for example, Alliander, ABN AMRO, NS and Dell. The NS platform, for example, hardly resembles an annual report. It is not only beautifully designed, but also interactive: visitors indicate on the homepage what they are coming for or what they are interested in.

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