This is also apparent from research into service institutions. In customer relationships, affective trust is important because it forms the basis for a strong connection. It requires a deposit into the emotional bank account. An example of affective trust is an employee of a health insurance company who is genuinely concerned about the health Jordan WhatsApp Number List situation of a customer. Or a bank that is concerned about a customer’s financial situation. It is important that it is genuine. If not, it will be detrimental. Five Building Blocks 2. Engagement In addition to trust, there are 4 building blocks that contribute to the sustainability of the relationship: involvement, freedom of choice, fairness and influence.

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These 4 are important not only for trust, but also for satisfaction and loyalty. Involvement is vital in personal and business relationships. Involvement of the organization with the customer (‘organizational involvement’) and vice versa (‘customer involvement’ or also ‘customer engagement’). With the organization it is about the ambition of the organization to want to know the customer as well as possible and to show interest in the personal situation of the customer. Good CRM system This is easier for a small organization with few customers than for a large organization.

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As the customer base grows, a good CRM system becomes increasingly important. Organizations can show commitment to customers by providing personal information. This can be done by showing at important moments in the customer’s life (birthdays, birth, marriage, buying a house, death) that the organization is there for the customer. But of course also by showing interest in the customer’s question or need in 1-on-1 contacts with customers. And respond to this with a personal answer or offer. 3. Freedom of Choice The third building block for a lasting relationship is freedom of choice: the possibility to choose without restrictions from at least 2 available options.

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