Therefore, According to the demand Machine Learning is one of the most important technologies behind dynamic prices on the internet in the tourism sector, as in the case of hotels, accommodation and experiences such as concerts and events. However, this trend is growing in other industries such as retail, where it is already possible to set the price of products and offers according to customer history, local demand, inventories, etc. Therefore, It is estimated that the use of Machine Learning in retail logistics processes can mean up to a 20% reduction in stock, along with the associated storage and handling costs that this implies.

In fact, according to a report by the Mckinsey Global Institute , Machine Learning and AI have the potential to increase internet sales by up to 30%. Artificial intelligences can also improve the performance of the entire value chain in consumer industries, from fulfillment to returns. Therefore, And up-selling strategies Building propensity models based on data, market segment, and Buyer persona is something that marketers do, in one way or another, long before the digital age. Until recently, it was possible to create complex statistical models of consumption that had an acceptable reliability range.

Reduce Logistics Costs And Optimize Inventory Management

However, one of the most valuable Cameroon WhatsApp Number List of Machine. Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology is precisely. Therefore, That they can produce new, more sophisticated, more reliable propensity models. That require much less effort. 8.- It allows us to get to know our leads. Much better Lead scoring means “qualifying” each prospect or lead according to their closeness. In terms of characteristics and stage of purchase with our ideal client. This makes it possible to identify in which part of the funnel. Or sales funnel each one is and how likely they are to buy the product.

Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

This information is valuable because it allows us to decide. What type of information, advertising or promotions should be sent to you. Artificial Intelligence today can use machine learning. Therefore, To score each lead in real time using all the relevant data at hand. Optimize customer segmentation and micro-segmentation. The reason why we segment customers is to get. To know them better, give them a more personalized treatment and offer them products. And services that adapt to their lifestyle.

Simplifies The Creation Of Cross-selling

The finer the segmentation, the more chances. We have to speak to the prospect in their language and at the right time. Thanks to Machine Learning, analyzing a huge amount of data on age, frequency. And propensity to purchase and establishing increasingly specific. Micro-segments is no longer a daunting task. Therefore, Even now it is possible to speak of “personalization” in its final consequences. Creation of specific offers for the user Artificial intelligence. Can create specific and personalized ads or recommendations for each user. Based on contextual search data, web behavior, segment and data history.

One of the clearest examples of this is the recommendations of Amazon products, or content in applications such as Netflix. Therefore, At Xarvis, the customer behavior company , we use state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology to reveal current behavior and predict future behavior of our customers’ customers. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on software and a team of analysts, we offer you everything you need to know to make excellent business decisions.

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