If you have the SALESmanago suite, you can monitor all their activity in real time from the moment they enter your site. And even if they leave, for example, your e-commerce without having made a purchase, the system is already preparing a lead nurturing process based on the active decision process of the client, who receives a series of strategic motivators, such as: A welcome email (sent during hours with the highest probability of opening). Push notifications on your mobile with offers or coupons that apply just for what you need.

Remarketing on facebook. Personalized product recommendations, so you can go directly to what matters most to you. 5 Myths that we broke about Marketing Automation SALESmanago already has. A long list of success stories whose analysis allows us to break down some of. The most common myths that, unfortunately, still prevent some marketers and business owners. From betting on this wonderful tool. Here are some of the ones we demystified during Marketing Automation Day: Myth #1: Marketing Automation is just Email Marketing Fake.

A Comprehensive Automation Strategy

Multi-channel and impacts every Bahrain WhatsApp Number List of contact. The customer has with the brand, including email, mobile notifications, social media, etc. Myth #2: Marketing Automation is only for large companies Fake. Today more than ever, small and medium-sized companies must opt ​. For automation in order to remain competitive in a market environment highly permeated by new technologies. Myth #3: Marketing Automation is expensive and cumbersome Fake. Automation is one of the marketing strategies that has one of the highest and most proven returns on investment.

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

Furthermore, automation tools like SALESmanago are designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Myth #4: Marketing Automation only works for the Marketing department Fake. An automation software with CRM is an invaluable tool not only for the marketing area, but also for the entire sales, administration and logistics force. Myth #5: Marketing automation only works for digital channels Fake. Automation is a methodology that allows optimizing the customer experience both in digital channels and in physical environments. Some VERY interesting facts we learned Email marketing still boasts the highest ROI of all marketing strategies, even going as high as an astounding 4,300%. 58%.

Dynamic Email Shows Up To 496% Higher

Of customers state that email is their favorite way to get offers and marketing communication. 70% of customers have taken advantage of a coupon or offer that arrives by e-mail. More than half of consumers accept that they subscribe to company newsletters in order to obtain coupons, discounts and bonuses for loyal customers. 58% of marketers stated that mobile notifications are the most significant trend defining email marketing. Personalized messages achieve up to 29% higher OR and 41% higher CTR compared to conventional bulk messages.

OR and 977% higher CTR. With all of the above, there is no doubt that Marketing automation is the winning bet for any company that wants to increase its sales. How Marketing Automation is transformed by Artificial Intelligence and Data Science? According to Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, by 2020 (just around the corner!) 85% of customer interactions will be automated and 80% of the Buyer Journey will be without direct human-to-human interaction. With these data in mind, it is impossible not to ask ourselves this question.



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