Each of those tools has a dashboard with data, KPIs and results that has value for both agency and marketer. The access and availability of data is therefore getting better and better. However, they are not just simple scenarios to align reporting France WhatsApp Number List from agency to marketer. A content agency is getting a long way with a simplified Google Analytics dashboard. But what about the digital agency that has data available in a marketing automation platform, in a resource planner, in a rank tracker (for SEO reporting) and in the advertising platform of Google or Facebook.

From Agency To Marketer

How do you report those results to your customer? Not by giving the customer access to the dashboards in those tools?agency client tools Where is that one unique reporting dashboard? Marketers crave simplicity, overview and transparency, I notice when I guide marketing teams in the digitization of their marketing organization. If marketing agencies give the customer access to the applications used, it makes little sense. After all, who likes to look at software tools that you don’t use (on a daily basis) yourself.

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Agency To Marketer

It is therefore a gigantic challenge to reconcile the technological world of marketing agencies with the technological world of the marketing team. If we assume that the number of MarTech tools will explode in the coming years, the call for standardization will only increase. Business intelligence & APIs BI ( business intelligence ) dashboards are therefore increasingly appearing in marketing agencies and marketing teams. They serve as a clear, central and transparent dashboard to bundle the marketing data that agencies and teams have to share.

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