evolutionary terms, they have managed to integrate into already established biological routes, becoming essential for the proper functioning of the animal” . Genes related to autism spectrum disorder The study found that the BEX3 gene —a component of the BEX / TCEA L cluster— plays a decisive role in the m-TOR pathway, a metabolic pathway related to the proliferation and differentiation of many tissues, and especially the nervous system. In other studies, other genes in the cluster have been linked to neurotrophins (molecules that regulate neuronal proliferation in the embryonic nervous system) and p75, a receptor involved in the death of neurons. The findings indicate that the BEX3 gene – and probably other components of the BEX / TCEA complex

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– could be involved in different aspects of autism spectrum Belize WhatsApp Number List pathology and other neurological conditions. Thus, mice affected by the lack of one of these genes show behavioral alterations associated with autism spectrum disorder, in addition to showing some anatomical and skeletal changes. “Mice lacking the Bex3 gene are antisocial, and are not related to other mice,” says researcher Ángel Carrión, from the UPO Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Cell Biology. The authors also reveal that the level of expression of these genes in individuals on the autism spectrum is low. As a result, a wide range of manifestations has been observed in laboratory models, specifically, from autism to compulsive behaviors. A decisive process in the evolution of

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placental mammals Only a few genes in placental mammals – and specifically no clusters of genes – are known to derive from the molecular domestication of transposons. For example, those related to the RAG1 / 2 proteins, which are key components of the adaptive immune system in vertebrates, or syncytins, which have allowed the development of the complex placenta. “Therefore, we consider that the domestication of these transposons was also an important process in the development of the neocortex in the group of placental mammals, within which we humans find ourselves. Thus, the effect generated by the BEX / TCEAL cluster on the ancestral genome influenced the development of the placental brain, ”the researchers emphasize. “Still pending study is

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