up made only of matter, the leftovers of the Big Bang”, explains Juan Manuel Bueno, professor at the University of Murcia (UMU). Neutrinos and FBI experiment To demonstrate this property of the neutrino, it is necessary to observe an extremely rare process: double beta decay without neutrinos (bb0nu), led by JJ Gómez-Cadenas, Ikerbasque professor at the DIPC. Observing a single Ba 2+ ion after bb0nu was considered practically impossible until recently and would not have been possible without the work carried out by the UMU researchers. This key step towards demonstrating that the neutrino is both a particle and an antiparticle has just been published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature . The study started from the idea of ​​designing

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synthesizing a molecule capable of capturing Ba 2+ and providing a clear signal when it appeared. The UPV / EHU group, coordinated by the scientific director of Ikerbasque Fernando Cossío, has designed a bicolor molecular indicator called FBI (Fluorescent Bicolor Indicator). When the FBI molecule without Barium is illuminated with Panama Phone Number List ultraviolet light it emits a green fluorescence that, instead, shifted to blue when it captures Barium. Biomedical Techniques and Particle Physics It is in this green / blue spectral detection process that the technology created at the UMU comes into play. Directed by the professor of Optics Juan Manuel Bueno, in the experiment both types of molecules have been discriminated through the phenomenon called two-

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photon absorption. For this, the multiphoton microscope developed by the LOUM researchers has been used. Technology originally used for biomedical applications that the UMU team has transformed to adapt it to the challenges of Particle Physics. The prototype, which combines an ultra-intense pulsed infrared laser and selective spectral detection, has solved the dilemma of the FBI molecule manufactured ad hoc for this experiment. “The intertwining of science and technology is very interesting. In this case, the use of instrumentation originally designed for applications in the eye has been used to solve a basic problem in Physics ”, comments Pablo Artal, director of the LOUM and co-author of the study. “The commitment to combining basic science

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