Will only be further boosted. Thanks to quality content, your site will be better and better referenced and your site will appear among the best results in search engines. This will allow you to generate more traffic on your website and therefore improve your SEO and thus acquire more customers. Tip N°8: Watch the news To help you stand out, to make yourself known, even to create a buzz, stay on the lookout for news, around you, about your sector of activity to seize the right moment and turn it all around. your advantage. This method is called “News-Jacking”. News-jacking is a great marketing lever, when possible and when the opportunity arises, to bring you more traffic to your. Website and also send a positive image of your company to your target audience.

Partnerships are very good ways to promote a company

There are different types of partnerships such as: Benefit from the high traffic of a third-party website; Exchange of contacts with a complementary company (example: a dietitian will talk about his sports coach friend and vice versa); Product placement; Propose yourself as a guest Remove Background Image contributor for the writing of articles of a blog corresponding to the values ​​of your company. Decryption of the famous crocodile brand The most famous of all crocodiles bears the iconic name of Lacoste. The brand was founded in 1933 by André Gillier and René Lacoste, the famous. Tennis player who was nicknamed “the Alligator”. A very curious nickname for a tennis player who, however, will become the symbol of a streetwear brand.

The Lacoste logo is considered one of the most popular

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In the fashion and luxury industry, the crocodile is instantly recognizable with its elegant yet sporty style. In this article, we will decipher the Lacoste logo and you will tell the few anecdotes surrounding the most famous crocodile. Because of a suitcase This Crocodile symbol was chosen by René Lacoste Email Lists himself. During the Davis Cup in 1925, the tennis player had a crush on a crocodile suitcase. The captain of the France team then promised to give him a gift of an. Alligator suitcase, provided he won an important match. He lost the match in question but… One journalist in particular hears about this story, and then gave the sportsman the nickname “The Alligator”. Subsequently, this nickname will be adopted by the public.

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