A good work team will carry out constant studies on content and marketing trends to guide the content of your blog and not lose pace with current events . Since the objective of a business blog is to offer value and knowledge to the target audience. However . Many times this task can be difficult . Since it requires dedicating a part of our time that in most cases is scarce. But we should not worry . Technology makes these searches easier for us by creating tools designed to make the most of Algeria Phone number and trends. Here is a selection of the 5 tools to help create content on your company’s blog that will not only help you in the process of discovering and planning trends .

But also in the search for information that adds value to your buyer. Person and attract them to your company. 1. Buzzsumo with this tool . Content managers are able to more easily identify the most relevant and most shared content on social networks. In addition . It allows reaching the author of the information. Among some of its functions we can find the collection of content metrics and Algeria Phone number on the people who may have the most influence in the sector as well as the websites associated with the content. It also allows you to know what keywords have been used in your industry or sector and what type of content has been viral or has had more resonance on social networks .

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Thus allowing you to better focus the content of your information. If you also want to monitor the mentions that your brand has on different social networks and which users have contributed in some way to expanding the reach of said content . Buzzsumo may be one of the best options. Buzzsumo 2. Ahrefs it is a tool for backlink analysis . It also allows the analysis of different websites and provides important information about links that lead to your own website. In this way you will know important Algeria Phone number about them and their evolution. Among other functions we can find the analysis of tlds (domain extensions) and their percentages . As well as the enumeration of pieces of content based on social actions.

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Ahrefs 3.google trends this tool allows us to find search trends based on the keywords we choose. It also indicates a series of graphs that indicate the changes that occur in the number of searches. The function of these graphs is to compare the searches for the key terms that we indicated above and then make a comparison between the number of visits to various websites. This tool can help us Algeria Phone number out if our content is relevant . As we can get information about when the trend started and when it peaked in popularity. Another very important aspect is to check the demand for content in terms of that trend and if necessary . Add new content to the piece of information we are looking for.

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With the content explorer tool . We will be able to find the best performance pieces contained in a trend as well as content related to the topic. It is a free tool.googletrends1.png 4.epicbeat _ it will help you simplify your searches in content trends . It allows searching by 2 channels: content or websites. We can do a search by current affairs or by the content that generates the most popularity Algeria Phone number users. Locate the most influential twitter users . Based on the thematic niche to which you belong . Providing data about that person such as: the number of followers . Retweets or the average number of daily tweets. This tool is capable of generating a list of users who have shared specific content in the last 7 days.

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