set of proteins that have evolved to act as digestive enzymes.” «The results of the cooption, both in regard to the type of digestive enzymes and in relation to the amino acid changes observed in them, show that evolution has acted on a very small number of evolutionary pathways in the adaptive transition to the carnivorous diet ”, details Librado, who currently works at the Center for Geogenetics at the University of Copenhagen and at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. BadiRate, a bioinformatics software developed at the University of Barcelona Within the framework of the research, the experts from the UB and the IRBio have made a notable contribution to genomic analyzes, to which they have incorporated the existing uncertainty about phylogenetic relationships to infer what type of genes have been duplicated or lost in the different plant species studied.

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BadiRate, Bioinformatics software created by Myanmar Email List experts Pablo Librado and Julio Rozas from the UB has been key to statistically determining the types of genes that have significantly increased their number of copies in carnivorous plants. This genomic analysis with BadiRate has been the frame of reference to know which genes were associated with the appearance of theSean Crowe. This work is part of the East African Great Lakes Ecosystem Sensitivity Tone Changes project, an initiative to study microbial ecology in African Great Lakes led by Belgian researchers from the Universities of Liège and Namur. youth but become harmful in old age . Even so, “since they are positive during the reproductive period, they will be favored by natural selection and passed on to the offspring, therefore they can hardly be suppressed”, explains Rodríguez.

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“Physical decline in old age could be the evolutionary price we have to pay to reach the age of having children healthy,” says Elena Bosch, co-leader of the study and group leader at IBE. For example, a medicine that we give to a child can have negative effects when he is old. On the contrary, it can also happen that a very sick person in childhood, if he survives, has iron health in old age.genes essential for life and not linked to any disease form an extremely important subset of genes, genes linked to disease have an intermediate functional role, while that non-essential genes and that do not appear altered in any disease seem to play a relatively minor role in the organism. “Improving our understanding of genetic mutations and risk factors that lead to disease provides us with new tools to understand the evolutionary and molecular basis of disease,” concludes

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