You can use different attribution models in Google Analytics to determine how much your content contributed. Error 2. Measure time on page instead of scroll depth Chances are you’re measuring ‘Time on Page’ as engagement. But CMI shows Estonia WhatsApp Number List that there are still some snags to this. First of all, this is only based on visitors who have not bounced and on users who do not leave your website . That can paint a too rosy picture. Let’s say you have a bounce rate of 50 percent. Then the time on the page is measured over only half of your visitors.

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Second, time on page measures the time between the page and the next page (which you visit next). But most people don’t visit a website linearly. How many tabs do you have open now? On all those pages you now contribute to the average time on page, even if you are not actively viewing them. Also read: 4 must-have interactions in your Google Analytics reports I myself open all interesting links in new tabs, for example. Or halfway through, I’m distracted and go to work on something else. Or a colleague is at your desk and you suddenly spend half an hour on a page, without saying anything about how you rate that page. It pollutes the numbers.

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Although not foolproof either , CMI advises to measure the scroll depth, for example with heatmaps via Hotjar or via plugins. How far a reader reads your article says something about their involvement with the piece. It’s a good sign if people read your entire article. Error 3. Measuring shares instead of comments and backlinks It’s a good sign when people share your content, right? Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be much connection between the articles people read and what they share. For example, many divisors only read the title.

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