No, not here. It’s actually a google thing, and it’s what they want you to use.Rich snippetsi’s talking about google’s rich snippets program.These are a set of enhancements that google adds to your store’s search results to display additional. The second-goal is to get article-rich snippets for your blog posts and pages. ghtfirst, , you want to use:json-ldusing schema.Orguse these five sets of dataexisting structured datayour store may already have some structured data.  I’ve been working on websites for over a decade before I really learned how to use structured data properly.

If Your Store Is Lucky and You Already Have Structured Data,

It makes beat manufacturers on their own products.The benefits of rich snippetsi covered. A lot of benefits in the destructuring example above. But I want to. Address two important ones here.1. More visual cfo email leads  wei the most sense to build on that. Even if it doesn’t use. The json-ld format I recommend it.Structured data for test storesluckily. Google has created a great tool to test any web page for structured. Data called the google structured data test tool.Using it. You can enter different urls for your store and see a list of structured data that google finds. Structured data example.

You Need to Test a Few Pages: Your Home Page and a Few

CFO Email Leads

Product pages.You can also test your competitors’ pages. Which is especially useful to see how .They get rich snippets of themselves.Ideally, you’d find all the structured data. I described above on the product page:-productsupplyoverall ratingorganizationwebsiteyour home page may not contain product. Offer, or aggregaterating, but that’s okay. These datasets are supposed to describe a specific product. And most of the time the .Homepage is so scattered that there isn’t a good single product to describe.You must also make sure that no errors or warnings are displayed.

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