the archives. But for the last decade, we have been working to mobilize this data with an incredible group of more than 300 colleagues from more than 80 organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan “, explains Evgeniy Meyke, from the University of Helsinki (Finland), who together with Otso Ovaskainen -from the same university- has coordinated this immense database. This information, unified in what they have called The Chronicles of Nature, is exceptional in many respects: it is complete in nature and encompasses all kinds of species and phenological events, encompasses long periods of time (almost a century), encompasses large areas ( half of Asia), and has been systematically collected by scientific staff

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dedicated full time to this task. Many of the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List people involved in this study have spent their entire lives collecting this data and, at the time of publication, six of them had already passed away. These articles are, therefore, a tribute to his work. “The project has been an exciting journey and it is only the beginning”, says María del Mar Delgado, joined by Professor Otso Ovaskainen: “We are enthusiastic about the high degree of motivation of the professionals with whom we are carrying out this They give the world the opportunity to know the results of their lifelong work, which until now had remained unknown to the international scientific community. ” ArticlesA team of scientists, led by the Spanish researcher Jonatan Rodríguez Parra , from the Botanical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, has carried out a field study in ten coastal places in the northwest of the peninsula

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to see the consequences of the presence of the invasive plant uña cat (Carpobrotus edulis). This species modifies the soil, alters the communities of microorganisms and displaces the local native flora. The objective of the work, published in the magazines Biological Invasions and NeoBiota , was to know its impact on the appearance of herbivores and to compare it with areas of its native distribution in South Africa. “We selected eight locations in Galicia and another two in the north of Portugal , in areas where there could be a presence of Carpobrotus edulis and separate areas, at least 100 meters, where there would not be this invasive plant, to compare the association of plants and invertebrates herbivores between zones ”, says Rodríguez Parra

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