Hong Kong’s borders have been sealed for more than a year, and its quarantine rules requiring a hotel stay of up to three weeks are among the strictest in the world. However, special arrangements may now apply to company executives. The city’s securities and futures commission quietly issue a on Friday saying that fully vaccinated “senior executives” from local companies or their international affiliates could visit or return to Hong Kong to apply for a waiver of standard quarantine requirements. Companies must provide a detailed route to their managers, who are only allowed to leave quarantine facilities for approve activities, the report said.

The Commission Did Not Issue

The Commission did not issue a press release and did not provide any explanation as Morocco Phone Number to the timing or justification of the measure. Neither the Securities and Futures Commission nor the Hong Kong Department of Health responde to requests for comment on Saturday. Chinese territory did not report any new cases on Friday. Although densely populate, she was able to avoid complete confinement and maintaine. A low incidence of coronavirus, among other measures. By maintaining close contact with Covid-19 patients in accordance with aggressive social distance regulations and force quarantine in the authorities.

Officials Found Blockades and

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Even vaccinate travelers have to be quarantine at. The hotel for up to three weeks, depending on where they fly from. Moreover the quarantine exemption announce on Friday is not the first for business executives in Hong Kong; a similar one was  from mainland China to returning executives from local companies. But this is further illustrate by the uneven application of coronavirus. Policy in Hong Kong, which has one of the largest. Income inequality gaps in the world, to its entire population of 7.5 million.

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