Ursula Menih Dokl, director general of the Media Directorate of the Ministry of Culture, denied using funding to squeeze critical markets, but said the media had long been distorted in favor of the left. She added that many left-wing supermarkets still receive government money. With such small steps, we will lay the groundwork for a more pluralistic media landscape,” she said of the ministry’s funding decisions. The Ministry of Media’s Ljubljana School of Journalism, commissioned by the ministry, found no evidence that critical media had fallen asleep, and concluded that most outlets “treat the government much less favorably than the opposition.

Radio Student’s Cultural

If they really want to promote pluralism in the media space, there is no better place to do Algeria Phone Number it than ‘Radio Student,'” he said. – Instead, they took the job of this cruel ax. In his youth, an enthusiastic member of the Yugoslav Communist Party, Mr Jansa, made no secret of his dislike of the critical media. He wrote thesaying the “war on the media” would be “more than welcome. Mr Jansa and his supporters claim that complaints about threats to media freedom. Have been collected without humor by left-wing political enemies. He is a passionate person who says things on Twitter,” said Culture Ministry official .

Professor of Journalism at the University

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He added that particularly worrying signs showed that Slovenia’s most popular. TV channel, Pop TV, had been under pressure to curb a critical form of government since its owner. Czech Peter Kellner, met Mr Jansa in Ljubljana in December. Mr Kellner died three months later in a helicopter crash in. Alaska, but his Czech company has since ordered news program editors to. Send translations of his bulletins to Prague every day so management can take care of anything that could disrupt Mr.  In May, the prime minister added his own threat note with a tweet containing. A short video of a frightening black panther and a message on Pop TV that “I’m around the corner.”

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