of the developed methodology has also made it possible to monitor the pH in different parts of the cell, which shows the applicability of the methodology in the transport of compounds that may be of interest. In the words of Prof. José Luis Mascareñas, one of those responsible for the work, “these promising results will open new avenues of Nature provides many basic needs to human beings, such as ecosystem services, which ensure clean water or food. However, the growing global impact on the environment has led to a decline in these systems. Over the next thirty years, more than 5 billion people may have to deal with food and water contamination For this reason, the Intergovernmental Platform for Scientific Policies on Biodiversity

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and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has produced a Singapore Phone Number List report to determine how important nature is to human beings and who is most at risk if they stop caring for it. The results confirm that over the next 30 years, more than 5 billion people may face water pollution , increased coastal storms and food insecurity. Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, a researcher at Stanford University (USA) and the main author of the study, explains that developing countries in Africa and South Asia will be the most affected by these impacts. Global scale analysis To carry out the research, a high-resolution, global-scale model was developed, uniquely capturing both the ‘supply side’ (nature’s contributions to people) and the ‘demand side’ ( people’s needs). Where people need

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nature most, its ability to meet those needs is declining The scientists evaluated trends in water quality, crop pollination , and shoreline protection in three possible future scenarios. Thus they concluded that in the future we will suffer food insecurity related to poor pollination of crops, the shortage of clean water and the increase in severe coastal storms caused by erosion and floods. Furthermore, the results show that where people need nature the most, its ability to meet those needs is declining. It is the first global modeling of the contributions that nature makes to people and its conclusions are decisive. “This article offers a unique and deeply disturbing image of the social burdens that the loss of nature will bear,” writes Patricia Balcanera in

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