better understand the different processes of adaptation of populations to their environments, key to understanding the past and managing the future of biodiversity,” say researchers.he has published more than 15 articles in these journals as a member of international comparative genomics consortia, such as the genomes of the Neanderthal, Denisovan, Bonobo, Gorilla, Orangutan, Gibbon, Tití, Lynx, Cats, among others. self-assembled structures in the laboratory that mimic, for example, skeletons,” adds García Ruiz. The experimental demonstration of growth described in this new study has been possible thanks to a state-of-the-art microscopic technique, using fluorescent markers, with the collaboration of researchers from the University of Bologna (Italy). “It was a formidable challenge that resisted the laboratories that were trying it,” concludes the CSIC scientist.

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elements belonging to their life” explains Iranzu Guede. According to the mobility studies that the doctoral student is carrying out, “it has been found that this woman was born in the Laos Email Lists town of Tauste, lived outside the same long time and later returned a few years before dying, although the reasons for this will always be unknown. your trip”. These investigations have also been able to show that this Muslim community was a stable community since most of the people were born and died in Tauste, with the exception of two foreign men and two women. Reservoir with 4500 individuals This site was found as a result of some works carried out in the public thoroughfare of the municipality and later the Cultural Association “El Patiaz” carried out different interventions between 2010 and 2013. The excavations were carried out under the supervision of the archaeologist Francisco Javier

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Gutiérrez, who considers that in the two hectares that this necropolis may occupy could have up to 4,500 tombs. The anthropological study of the human remains found, meanwhile, has been carried out by the anthropologist Miriam Pina. Likewise, carbon 14 analyzes establish that this population dates from between the 8th and 10th centuries in a turbulent time after the conquest of the Muslims. In fact, these investigations have been fundamental to verify the Muslim presence in a population in which its existence was unknown.Professor Alejandro Sánchez-Gracia, “although plants have developed different strategies to capture animals, natural selection has often acted recurrently on the same genes to acquire the ability to digest prey, a phenomenon that is known as parallel evolution. The case of insectivorous plants is a clear example of evolutionary convergence,

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