proportional to the number of cells, that is to say, to the mass M, but part is inevitably lost as heat. Real organisms maintain a compromise between these two extremes. The weighted sum of both components, one proportional to mass M and another to M2 / 3; that is, B = aM + bM2 / 3, explains the curvature in the basal metabolism of the mammalian data and the different relationships found in different animal groups, but also the metabolic differences between desert and polar animals, or even the metabolism of the plants.Homo sapiens has been considered the only species that shows a clear preference for the use of the right hand over the left, in a well-determined ratio of 9 right-handed people to one left-handed. But what is not yet well

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established is the moment in human evolution in which this Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List marked manual laterality appeared. An international study that has just been published, and that has been led by the IPHES (Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution) with the researcher Marina Lozano, shows that this behavior is older than previously thought. It has been possible to conclude that, at the population level, Neanderthals over 130,000 years ago already had a manual laterality like ours, but even so it is a practice that goes back, although to a lesser extent, to the first species of Homo, Homo habilis. , and, therefore, it is an ancestral characteristic in our genus. The scientific community has carried out many studies on manual and cerebral laterality of hominins,

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but it is the first time that such a large sample has been gathered, both in terms of the number of specimens analyzed (120 individuals) following the same methodology and of five types of different species ( Homo habilis, Homo antecessor , pre-Neanderthals from the Sima de los Huesos de Atapuerca, European Neanderthals, and Homo sapiens ), as per the chronological scope (1.8 million years to the present). The main teams working on this matter have participated in this research, and it is the result of an international collaboration with researchers from Spain, the USA and Italy. Thanks to this joint work “we can affirm that the tendency to have a manual preference is an intrinsic characteristic of our genus that has been slowly

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