after citrus varieties and that represents, globally, annual losses of the order of 20,000 million euros. The finding of the Valencian and British researchers opens a way to solve this problem and put a stop to the significant losses it generates in the sector. The work has been published in the journal New Phytologist . Manuel Agustí and Miguel Blázquez, scientific heads of the research Manuel Agustí, director of the Mediterranean Agroforestry Institute (IAM) and professor at the Higher Technical School of Agronomic and Natural Environment Engineering (ETSIAMN-UPV), and Miguel Blázquez, research professor at the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants (IBMCP), joint center of the UPV

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and the CSIC, scientific leaders of the work, explain the importance of the research. “A tree”, they point out, “after a year of high production, significantly reduces the next harvest, and even in some varieties, Thailand Phone Number List said production is reduced to zero. This is what we know as alternation of crops. Thanks to this study, We have new data that help us to know what happens in the orange trees due to the presence of the fruit, what affects this alternating production, and how these plants flourish. This information is key and opens a door to solve the alternation of harvests in the fruit trees “. The inhibitory gene, localized In their study, researchers from the UPV, IVIA and the University of Durham (United Kingdom) have verified that the presence of the fruit is what prevents

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the leaf from responding to the environmental signals that induce flowering; have found the gene responsible for this inhibition – it is CcMADS19 – and how it is regulated. “This gene”, Agustí emphasizes, “is the repressor of the flowering inducer gene CiFT2 . At low temperatures, it is inactivated, and allows the inducer to act, but the fruit erases the cold signal and keeps the gene active, inhibiting then the expression of the CiFT2 gene . This explains the inhibitory effect of the fruit and, therefore, the alternation of crops “. In this sense, the researchers emphasize that the most relevant part of the study is the discovery of the role of the fruit in the flowering process. “We found that the presence of the fruit”, Blázquez warns, “causes epigenetic changes

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