the birth of new companies that intend to offer Norfolk Island Email List alternative products to meat on the market. The Fórum Cárnico will begin with the presentation that the IRTA researcher, Jacint Arnau, will make on the topic “Meat: Future and future items”, in which current and future proposals will be addressed. The proposals that exist today as alternatives to traditional meat are basically of two types: meat analogues based on vegetable protein and cultured meat. To address the issue of meat analogues based on vegetable substitutes, the Meat Forum will count, in a first block, with the participation of experts such as Marc Coloma (CEO of Foods for Tomorrow), Santi Aliaga (Director of Zyrcular Foods ), Jaume Panella (Director of R&D at Noel Alimentaria) and José Luis

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Hernández (Product Manager at Bormarket). In the second block of the Meat Forum, which will deal with the subject of cultivated meat, the invited speakers will explain how it is obtained, its advantages and its future prospects, among others. This will be attended by Peter Verstrate (COO of Mosa Meat), Mercedes Vila (CEO of Biotech Foods) and Raquel Revilla (Co-founder of CSO Cubiq Foods). Presentations and debates with experts in the field will allow attendees to update on the subject, as well as participate and present their comments, doubts or concerns about the future of the meat sector, trends or existing alternatives. Researchers from the group Plant Production in Mediterranean Crop Systems, of the University of Almería, have linked the

presence of fungi in the cultivation soil with the increase in the size of the plants. In a study, carried out with tomato and cucumber plants, they found that enriching the soil only with additives of mineral origin makes it impoverished year after year. In this way, they propose to add organic matter, which includes the fungal community. The work of the experts relates the content of organic matter in the soil with obtaining better agricultural results. “The substrates that promote greater plant growth have a higher content of organic matter and, in turn, are the soils that contain the greatest amount and diversity of fungi,” says José Ignacio, a researcher from the University of Almería. Marín, author of the study ‘Association of plant development to organic

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