which gave rise to organisms with a morphology much more complex, ”says José Luis Gómez-Skármeta, One of the most important results of the work is the possibility of understanding how the genomic duplications that occurred in the origin of vertebrates contributed to diversifying the functions of genes. Almost fifty years ago it was proposed that these duplications were key to our origin, but until now many of these predictions have not been proven. “We have seen that, in most cases, there are copies of genes that specialize their function in specific tissues. This is particularly evident in the brain, where new functions have been incorporated that have been essential for the evolutionary success of vertebrates ”, adds Ignasi Maeso, a researcher at the Andalusian Center for Developmental Biology and one of the first authors of the work.

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The research that these Spanish scientists have just Vietnam Email List published has had the participation of laboratories from France, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Portugal, Italy, Taiwan, Norway and the United States, and is a resource without precedents for the scientific community, which will serve both to delve into the functional genomics elements conserved between species and to study the changes that have led to the complexity of vertebrates. It should be noted that one of the co-directors of the work, Manuel Irimia, was a doctoral student at the Department of Genetics of the UB and received the Claustro de Doctores award. Likewise, one of the first co-authors, Ignasi Maeso, received his doctorate from the same Department, as did Stephanie Bertrand, Elia Benito-Gutiérrez, Salvatore D’Aniello, David Ferrier, Ildiko Somorjai

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Lluís Permanyer, who also signed the article. Most of them are currently group leaders in various European countries, which is a clear indicator of the training capacity of the University of Barcelona in front-line science, and particularly, in the field of evo-devo, which addresses the study of the evolution of the genetic mechanisms of embryonic development. Article reference researchers from the University of Murcia (UMU) have described a new species for science, which they have called Ceratodon amazonum . The name refers to the Amazons, a tribe of Greek mythology formed and ruled entirely by female warriors, since no males have been found. “Everything arose when we imagined the populations of Sierra Nevada made up of daring warriors fighting alone to survive,” says Nieto Lugilde, who adds that although the new species is very abundant in Sierra Nevada

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