in recent years we have come closer and closer to creative people, who came from a world different from ours (focused on data). we exchanged a lot and from that exchange the Brand Strategy canvas was created, the sum of brand identity and brand experience. The basis for going to work on marketing. For this we thank Luca Pedani, a great copywriter who participates with us in the workshops organized bywith Giuseppe and Francesca. 

Marketing Freaks & Solid Brand Strategy Canvas

Your uniqueness is beauty: women are many and all different, they can no longer be represented with that unique and stereotyped model that has trapped their identity for years. Beauty is no longer the exclusive heritage of the stars but resides in the diversity that characterizes all women, in their uniqueness and in the ability to accept their limits and transform them into strengths, courageous weapons to face life.


If you like, we offer a form of consultancy for the realization of your brand strategy. we will start from the target, we will create the value proposition with the value proposition canvas and competitor analysis. thanks to the data analysis we will discover who our competitors are, what marketing mix they have, what they promise to customers, what customers want and with the value proposition canvas we will make the products adhere to the needs of consumers. The era of modern marketing can no longer put the product at the center, the real innovation lies in finding the meeting between supply and demand. This allows to highlight some characteristics of the products at the communication level and therefore to

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