Digital, omnichannel customer engagement platforms are all but essential for modern, forward-thinking brands. Now is the time to invest to help your clients stay ahead of their competitors.

The way brands approach customer engagement has changed.

With the rise of the “everything customer” who demands bespoke service with amazing, memorable experiences, your clients need to embrace the rise of Communications-Platforms-as-a-Service (CPaaS) to transform their own digital customer experiences and communication strategy.

But such an approach takes time and effort, requiring always-on customer service that meets the needs of your clients’ customers, wherever they might be.

A digital customer engagement platform with omnichannel capabilities makes this simple, easy, and affordable, and is essential for running effective campaigns in 2022. Read on to learn how.

Deliver a unified experience across channels

Your clients’ customers rarely, if ever, stick to one option when interacting with brands. Social media, email, brick-and-mortar stores, customer helplines, even mobile messaging – the list goes on.

Naturally, this requires an agile, proactive approach if you’re looking to reach and engage with them. But such an approach can be demanding.

A digital customer engagement platform with omnichannel capabilities gives your clients a single place to meet their customers where they are – a unified experience that carries on from one channel to another.

Such an approach eliminates the need to repeat themselves or start certain processes or conversations over again, delivering consistent brand messaging to their customers, wherever they are, in a smooth, cohesive experience. In turn, this helps strengthen your client’s message, improving their relationship with their customers and fostering greater business growth.

Unify customer data

Every digital agency knows that the modern “everything customer” demands an agile, seamless brand experience. Each channel should form part of a single journey, where the customer’s needs are met at every stage.

This is achieved through personalized experiences, tailored to their unique situation. Personalization delivers an enhanced experience for both your clients and their customers, and it’s something worth pursuing.

But such an approach requires the gathering and management of an immense amount of data, and digital customer engagement platforms are crucial for this. These types of platforms enable your clients to consolidate data from a range of sources, from social and email to their order history. They also provide a single unified overview of your clients’ customers, so they can deliver effective customer service and identify avenues for potential growth in an agile, responsive way.

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