to Climb trees. Some features of modernity currently observed in the human species could be seen in the 1.5 million-year-old juvenile H. erectus from Turkana, Kenya, which is the most complete H. erectus fossil found to date. Now, this new study qualifies this conception, by showing that Homo erectus had a more compact and robust body than had been thought. The dinosaurs and pterosaurs flying are known for their huge size, but a species newly described in Madagascar, who lived in the Triassic about 237 million years ago , suggests that ancestors originated from extremely small. They all belong to the Ornithodira group , whose origins are little known because hardly any specimens associated with the root of this lineage have been found. The new

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fossil reptile found, called Kongonaphon kely or ‘ little insect Nigeria Phone Number List killer ‘, was only 10 centimeters tall. Their description and relationships with their relatives, published today in PNAS magazine , may shed light on some of the characteristics of their larger ‘cousins’. Kongonaphon kely was a 10 cm tall ‘little insect killer’ that lived about 237 million years ago in what is now Madagascar “There is a general perception that dinosaurs are giants,” says Christian Kammerer , curator of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, “but this new animal is very close to the divergence of dinosaurs and pterosaurs, and it is surprisingly small.” The Kongonaphon fossils were discovered in 1998 in Madagascar by a team of researchers led by John

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Flynn , curator of the American Museum of Natural History, “at a site from a little-known time span that has provided surprising fossils.” “The small specimen was mixed among the hundreds that we had collected there over the years,” he continues. It took some time before we could focus on these bones, but when we did it became clear that they were unique and worth studying closely. ” The small origin of the giants Overall, the scientific consensus was that body size was similar among early archosaurs , the large group of reptiles that includes birds, crocodiles, non-avian dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and early ornithodirans, before increasing to gigantic proportions in the lineage. of the dinosaurs. This ‘miniaturization’ indicates that the dinosaur

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