these fourteen new genes – practically not studied so far – that may be involved in the formation of the complex brain and in the various manifestations of the autism spectrum. The relationship between viruses, transposons and the immune system is also very suggestive. For example, the composition of transposon families in the bat genome is exceptional among mammals, and bats are immune to many viral infections, ”concludes Jordi Garcia Fernàndez.An international team has recovered the DNA of beetles trapped in resin samples collected from 2013 to 2017 in forests of Madagascar, according to a work published now in the journal PLOS ONE . Xavier Delclòs, professor at the Faculty of Earth Sciences and member of the Biodiversity Research

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Institute (IRBio) of the UB, participates in the study, which Bolivia WhatsApp Number List explores new limits to the conservation of genetic material in resin samples. The work is led by experts David Peris —doctoral fellow at the UB under the direction of Xavier Delclòs— and Kathrin Janssen, both from the University of Bonn (Germany). It is also signed by Enrique Peñalver, from the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME), and Mónica M. Solórzano Kraemer, from the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt (Germany), among other experts. Science or fiction: recovering DNA from organisms trapped in amber Recovering genetic material from samples preserved in fossil resins from millions of years ago is one of the great challenges in the world of paleontology. Unti

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l now, all the initiatives of the scientific community to recover the DNA of living beings trapped in copal or amber have been unsuccessful thousands or millions of years ago. As Xavier Delclòs explains, the rock of organic origin that best preserves the organisms of the past is amber: «If you look at the remains of organisms inside the resins or amber, you can see the bodies in three dimensions and with all the characters preserved . In particular, the resin very well preserves the exoskeletons of arthropods – formed mainly by chitin – or the leaves of producing trees. However, internal soft organs tend to break down when the body has been trapped in a resin. If a molecule as labile as DNA could be preserved over time, the container that would

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