surprising, such as sexual transmission from archaic to modern humans. But unlike in the past, today we have condoms and vaccines to protect against these infections. Therefore, Colombia Email Address we value positively that our study has been widely publicized in the media. communication, and we hope readers will gain more insight into available HPV vaccines and their role in cancer prevention. ” The book explains the contribution of a new discipline called evo-devo (evolution and development) to the understanding of the evolutionary processes of animals, including our species. Embryos are the key to evolution and natural selection. Evolution and embryonic development form a strong and flexible biological alloy. This is the field of study of evo-devo, a new scientific discipline that brings together in the same conceptual framework the knowledge about the evolution

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of species and about embryonic development, and that for this reason deserves a specific dissemination essay. The evo-devo has provided many surprises to researchers and has allowed answering questions that the theory of evolution had raised. To a large extent, the evolution of animals depends on their embryos or, rather, on the changes that randomly occur in the genes that control their development. The book is divided into two parts. The first one speaks of the evo-devo “toolbox”: the same set of tools and basic raw materials from which the cellular, genetic and molecular processes that have generated all animal diversity have been deployed. The first chapter is a brief introduction to this scientific discipline, in which the importance of relating developmental biology studies with evolutionary studies is justified. In the second, third, and fourth chapters,

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the basic concepts of genetics and embryology are discussed, which will allow us to understand the examples of evo-devo that are used in the second part of the book and give an idea of ​​the importance of the contributions of this scientific discipline. To understand how the evolution of embryonic development works, These chapters present examples of the first real cases addressed by evo-devo, among many others, for example, why fish do not have legs and, instead, the human species has arms and legs. Finally, in the fifth chapter, the great paradox of evo-devo is raised: how can it be that, from a genetic box of tools shared by all animals, it has been possible to generate current diversity and also past diversity, like this? as the one that may arise in the future? The second part of the book explains in detail, in a very entertaining way and with great scientific rigor, some specific cases,

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