If you have ever tried Facebook campaigns, then you know how much testing and optimizing they require. But of course, creating a scalable, high-performing campaign is an achievable goal. In this article, I will try to help you improve your campaigns, but we won’t talk about technical tips, like targeting, budgeting or bidding, etc. We’re going to be talking about writing or, actually, about a small but crucial part of writing: how to find ideas for Facebook ads. So, I won’t tell you how to write the best ad for your audience; I can’t because I don’t know your business or your audience. But I can help you find the answer on your own. Let’s begin. I’m sure Facebook ads Greece Phone Number List are not your only promotional activity. If you Greece Phone Number List have communication standards – look at them. Your ads affect your brand perception.


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Look at other channels, not only do you need to Greece Phone Number make your message consistent across all media, you can also find awesome ideas for ads on other channels. Of course, every medium is different but if something is working well on your display ads or a landing page – it’s usually worth testing via Facebook ads too. 3. Facebook Audience Insights An awesome tool which will show you who your audience really is. It will help you with both: finding the perfect target audience and preparing the right copy for them. Let’s say you want to Greece Phone Number List display your ads to people who are interested in Power Editor. (I know it’s not a thing anymore but there is still a targeting option like this!).


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These people? They are probably marketers on Facebook like yourself. That’s good, but this is still a massive group of different types of people. So, you start by choosing “Power Editor” from your interests, and then click on the tab “Page Likes” I mentioned looking at your other channels, but since every channel has its own characteristics – what’s better than looking at your own Facebook page? Whether you manage both Greece Phone Number List organic and paid Facebook content, or if you do only the latter — find the most engaging and popular posts and learn from them. And make sure you are familiar with the Facebook algorithm and how it works (it affects your FB ads too, not just your organic Facebook posts):

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