those of the fourteen remaining species in order to detect mutations present in the species with the longest life, “because it would be an indication that these have served to extend their life”, explains Navarro, who is also a professor at UPF and a collaborator of the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG). As a result, the researchers identified 25 mutations in genes associated with wound healing, coagulation, and a large number of cardiovascular problems. They identified twenty-five mutations in genes associated with wound healing, coagulation and a large number of cardiovascular problems “The results make sense because in the species that live longer, a flexible and adaptable control of the coagulation mechanisms is needed”, comments Gerard Muntané , first author of the study, and postdoctoral researcher at the IBE and at the Pere Health

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Research Institute. Virgili (IISPV). At the Guinea Email List same time, adds Muntané, “they confirm the pleiotropic theory of aging ”, according to which “there are mutations that can have various effects, depending on the stage of life: they favor us in the early stages, and harm us in the later ones, when the reproductive stage has already been left behind. ‘A study by the Faculty of Biology and the Biodiversity Research Institute of the University of Barcelona (IRBio) has analyzed how aquatic macroinvertebrate species – such as beetles, mosquitoes or dragonflies – have evolved and diversified since they originated. From the study of the ecological characteristics of about 6,600 European species, the researchers have reconstructed what functional space each one occupies. In parallel, they have used sequences of their DNA to reconstruct the tree of life – the evolutionary

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phylogenetic relationship between species – of aquatic macroinvertebrates, in order to calculate when they appeared and how they evolved. The results confirm previous studies that indicated that the number of species of each lineage is independent of evolutionary time. As a novelty, the research concludes that older lineages have greater functional diversity – they can do more things and live in more habitats – than younger lineages, whose functional diversity is conditioned by older lineages that previously colonized the habitat. The new work, which has been selected as the article of the month of July in the Ecography magazine, has as its first author the ecologist Cesc Múrria (IRBio-UB) and is led by Professor Núria Bonada (IRBio-UB), who is head of the Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management (FEHM) Research Group of the UB. In addition,

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