Some strategies have already been developed to control mosquito populations. Experiments with very promising results have been carried out in Australia to prevent the spread and contagion of these viruses among the human population.These hydration phases possibly marked the early stages of asteroids and comets ”, points out CSIC researcher Carles E. Moyano, from the Institute of Space Sciences. Implications for the emergence of life on other planets. The results of the experiments suggest that these meteorites have catalytic properties of organic compounds unknown in terrestrial rocks. The minerals that form carbonaceous chondrites are capable of synthesizing carboxylic acids, amino acids and all the nitrogenous bases that make up ribonucleic acid (RNA) that is considered a precursor of the first living organism. “The data obtained indicate that,

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even if the chondrites were pulverized Nepal Email List and lost their organic compounds during the deceleration and ablation phase in the atmosphere, those minerals that reached a planetary surface and were heated in the presence of water and formamide would be in conditions of reproduce the fundamental organic compounds in prebiotic chemistry. That clearly points to a life paid from the outside, which could therefore occur in any corner of our solar system, and therefore of the Universe, where conditions were conducive to maintaining liquid water for a reasonable time: Mars, Europa and Titan, they are suspected as excellent candidates for our exploration, ”says Dr. Trigo.not only at the individual level (activation of different biochemical mechanisms

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but also at the population level (new reproductive strategies, for example). “Knowing these mechanisms will help to face the new challenges of the future in the field of plant improvement, ecosystem conservation and mitigation of the effects of global change,” explains Alba Cotado. For Melanie Morales, “thawing is another serious problem, since it would have a great impact on underground water resources.” The European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) is the political framework that recognizes alpine regions as environmental heritage with great importance for the preservation and protection of the unique ecosystems of mountainous regions (Natura 2000 Network, national parks, etc). As the expert concludes, “preservation, protection and restoration are the three key points to mitigate the impacts, that is: avoid fire risk situations, reforest,

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